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Nov 23, 2013 2:00pm PST
to discuss this is jeff gardere and holly hughes. 40,000 cases could be impacted by this work or maybe lack of work. what was going through her mind or how does a person justify doing something like that? do you have any idea? >> well, a lot of people are wondering what is going on. no clear answers. we do know that by dry labbing, in other words, not testing the contents of the samples that was sent, she was giving quick turnarounds to the prosecutions primarily and, therefore, was able to get in more and more cases and build a reputation of having this very, very quick turnaround and being superefficient. so, what we're seeing is this was about advancing her reputation as much as possible. when we look at something like this, let's not be fooled by the fact that she seems to be very petite, seems to be attractive, this is what we call sociopathic behavior. in other words, doing whatever she can to just advance her own life, her own career, maybe taking care of her child, but not even thinking about the consequences on the lives of so manny others, people just put in jail and may not be gu
Nov 30, 2013 2:00pm PST
to discuss this film is criminal defense attorney holly hughes in atlanta and clinical psychologist dr. jeff gardere here in new york. and i've got to say, this is right off of "shawshank redemption" when i was watching it. it reminded me of this. let's talk about his psychology, because initially he was -- when he first got convicted, he was very bitter. he was very angry. and then he had some -- we could call it, like, a god experience. >> a transformation. >> and it all changed. >> exactly. you're left with two things. first of all, you never think this can happen to you or anyone. we've been taught if you tell the truth, then the truth shall set you free. you'll be okay. it didn't happen here. he told the truth. he went to jail incredibly. so, what are you left with? at this point, yes, you become bitter, but you either die or you thrive. not survive, thrive. and that means completely changing your life, having that god experience that you talked about, rosa, and making something completely different than you ever were before. that's the only way that you go on from something like this.
Nov 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
defense attorney holly hughes in atlanta. it's just awful, isn't it? you know, holly, the dfcs director admits that there have been agency failures in this case, the system failing this little girl. >> absolutely. and given the fact this latest report, don, came in two months before this little girl was starved to death and subsequently burned in a metal trash can in her apartment complex. and they closed it without further investigation because they said we couldn't find a good address. given the fact that this child had been checked on six prior times, that is all the more reason the agency should have stepped up and worked additionally hard to find that address. this little girl was enrolled in school. go to the school and check out where it is that the current address is listed. this is inexcusable behavior, don. and unless something is done to step up how these investigations are run, we are going to see more children suffer. >> wendy, you know, the couple charged here allegedly tried to cover up the death. what goes through a person's head to make a decision like this? >> well, th
Nov 2, 2013 2:00pm PDT
psychologist wendy walsh and criminal defense attorney holly hughes. okay. wendy, we're going to start with you. this study says that we get tired near the end of the day and we lose some of the capacity for self-control. so, we lie more. >> well, the study -- well, the study doesn't actually talk about why this happens as much as it clearly does. and believe it or not, the people who are most moral in the morning, i like to think well rested, fresh brain, the higher parts of our personality are functioning, those people took the bigger dive in the afternoon. so they showed people the green dots on a right or left screen and they asked them to estimate which were more dots, it was pretty obvious, but they only paid them if they choose the right side of the screen, which meant they could only make money at a certain point if they started to lie. if they were tested in the afternoon, they didn't do so well. >> oh, man, this segment could go on. i'm telling you the truth here. so, holly, you work in a courtroom, right? as a courtroom attorney dealing with people on the stand. do you think witnesse
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4